Preparing, training or recovering from a sporting event? Or just some general tension? Either way, a deep tissue massage can be a great adjunct to your treatment and training.

Sports massage can also be referred to as; deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy. Essentially, they mean the same thing.
= A firm pressure massage is used through the muscles in the body for therapeutic effect. 

It is important to know that this can benefit both the athletic and non-athletic population. 

The benefits of a sports massage
  •  Increased blood flow to the muscles, to help promote healing
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Reduced isolation
  • Improved sleep due to the above
  • Reduction in pain. This occurs through changes in our central nervous system and how our brain/body responds to pain. 
  • Help to ease the symptoms and pain of DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) typically worse 24-72 hours after an intense bout of exercise. 
  • A temporary increase in range of motion. This may help to facilitate active/passive stretching and a short term improvement in performance for some individuals. 
Who benefits from a sports massage?
  • Everyone!!
  • Whether you are feeling tension from work related stress or you are training for your first marathon – anyone can benefit from this form of treatment
How frequently should I have a sports massage?
  • This is totally up to the individual. 
  • If you are training hard for something, it may be helpful to have them a little more frequently. 
  • We have a mixture at the clinic. This ranges from once a fortnight, monthly or every 6 weeks. 
  • Sometimes having a regular routine can be helpful. 
  • Otherwise, you can simply call up when you feel you need one! 
What a sports massage DOES NOT replace
  • It is crucial to realise that massage treatment should be used as an adjunct to a rehabilitation program.
  • This means it cannot replace strength training, stretching or specific drills used for your injury or training program
  • Even though massage gives you a temporary feeling of increased flexibility; dynamic and static stretching are still extremely important. 
Common myths about sports massage
  • “It can break down scar tissue” – nope. No form of manual therapy can do this. This type of adhesion is extremely strong. The relief you feel is likely to be due to the changes within the muscle. 
  • “It will help me to perform better” – this may be a sensation some feel from massage which is great; but it will not be able to do this in isolation or in the long-term.
Overall, sports massage is a great way to relax and recharge tired muscles!

**If you have been experiencing pain that does not seem to be getting better or has not responded to a sports massage very well; be sure to book an assessment so we can figure out your diagnosis. We will then know whether this is an appropriate treatment. We can then go through a rehabilitation program with you to ensure you get back to being your best!**

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