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Hello! Let me introduce myself…!

Welcome to Annika Physio! If you have found your way over to this blog, thanks for showing an intere...
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Your Home Exercises: Make “Actually Doing Them” Easier With These 5 Steps

One of the most important components of Physiotherapy treatment is exercise prescription. Just as a ...
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Marathon Training: Injury Prevention Tips

 “Running excites me, when I start to run, you don’t want to stop, your body wants more so you ...
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Should I Foam Roll My ITB?

This is a short post on a question we get asked a handful of times per week. “Should I foam ro...
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Why Lifting Weights Can Help Us To Age Well & Be Happier

Lifting weights is completed by only a minority of people aged over 65. Whilst many still keep thems...
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Running Trainers: All You Need To Know

If you are looking to start taking your running more seriously, upgrading your trainers is a great p...
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Top 10 Fitness Mistake To Avoid This January

So January is here! The perfect time to make some New Year’s resolutions. Improving fitness or wan...
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Can 1 Hour of Exercise eliminate the effects of 8 hours of sitting?

Today we explore the idea that exercise may have the capacity to eliminate the negative effects of p...
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Sleep & Health

It is now widely accepted that our health and sleep quality are heavily linked, with one significant...
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The Piriformis: A Real Pain In The Butt

  Where does this excruciating buttock pain come from and what can we do to help it? The piriformis...
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Your Best Posture… Is Your Next Posture

We look into the issues surrounding sedentary jobs and what we can do to help We now live in a world...
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How To Avoid Pre-Race Panic

If you are new to the racing environment – here are 10 tips to reduce that pre-race panic! Exp...
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Stay Pain Free In The Garden This Spring

6 top tips to keep you happy and healthy in the garden! Gardening offers both physical and mental be...
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Why 10,000 steps per day?

10,000 steps a day has been long portrayed as the “optimal number” we should aim for. Why? Where...
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Running: Know when to stop

Niggle or a serious injury? It’s important to know the difference if you are training for an e...
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How to resolve your tennis elbow pain, fast

Pain around the elbow and forearm can make everyday life very difficult. What can you do to help? Te...
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The benefits of a sports massage

Preparing, training or recovering from a sporting event? Or just some general tension? Either way, a...
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Do I need Physiotherapy treatment?

Who are we? What do we do? When should you come and see us? Physiotherapy aims to restore the moveme...
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Is my pillow causing my neck pain?

No two necks are the same, so how do we know what kind of pillow to use? Neck pain is a very common ...
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Why do our joint click, pop and crack?

This is a question I hear almost daily from my patients. So what causes it? We all know someone who ...
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The benefits of strength training

The average adult should aim for AT LEAST two sessions a week. Let’s take a look at the benefi...
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What is Osteoarthritis?

What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is the most common form of joint disease and is thought to af...
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Can Physiotherapy help my knee pain?

What can we do to help you? Knee pain is very common and can affect many different structures. Broad...
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Treadmill vs. Outdoor running

Whats the difference? One question I typically hear from my patients who are either keen runners alr...
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Foam Rolling: what does it actually do?

We all know that it hurts!! But what happens to the body when we use a roller? You use your own body...
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How to prevent running injuries

Up to 80% of injuries occur due to training error – what can we do to minimise this risk? Trai...
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Why hasn’t my back pain got better?

A question I bet all of you have asked….. here are a few suggestions Back pain is extremely co...
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Ligaments of the knee

A look into the 4 main knee ligaments Ligaments attach from bone to bone. They provide our joints wi...
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What Is DOMS?

A brief look into what this exercise related pain actually is! DOMS We hear the term used a lot when...
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Back Pain… Myth busting!!

I have a go at tackling some of the common myths around back pain! Welcome to my first blog! What be...
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Blog Coming Soon

It’s official, I have a blog and I know how to use it. I have finally decided to take the plun...
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"Annika was highly skilled in helping me with managing my knee troubles after I snapped my ACL in a sporting accident. She's very friendly, professional and informative and I have definitely noticed a big improvement both in my physical health and with general worries regarding my knee. Really good experience here. "


" Great clinic. Made recovery from a nasty knee injury an enjoyable experience. Would recommend to friends and family. "


" Great Experience overall. Loved the clinic, very neat and cosy and I felt straight away at ease before during and after my assessment/treatment. Annika is a highly professional and friendly physiotherapist who not only helped me with my lower back pain management when I visited her clinic for the first time, she also gave me very useful after care tips that I still carefully follow. 🙂 "

Matt B

" I have been seeing Annika at Wimpole Street Physiotherapy Clinic for a couple of months now following a total knee replacement and she has been absolutely fantastic with my recovery and rehabilitation. I have been provided with a comprehensive range of exercises to work on in my own time, complete with annotated instructions, as well as receiving invaluable massage and manipulation during sessions to help improve the range of movement in the new joint. I would highly recommend to anybody recovering from a similar joint replacement. "


" Following completion of an Ironman in October 2015 I was treated by Annika for a number of sports related injuries associated with long distance events. The level of care and attention to detail was exemplary and I was back in full training under the timescales originally anticipated. I highly recommend Wimpole Street Physiotherapy Clinic for any sports injuries and believe that all patients will get truly professional and targeted treatment! Thanks "

Rachel H

" Due to an ankle injury not getting any better over time, I was recommended Wimpole Physiotherapy clinic, having never experienced Physio before. The clinic is easy to get to being quite central, well decorated and Annika is amazing. We went through my injury and how I was getting on now, and tested what i was able to do my my ankle. I have had a few sessions now and I can really feel the swelling finally going down (which has been there for 6 months!) and my range of motion in the ankle has improved so much as well that i can finally wear heels again! The exercises to do in my own time are very well explained in the sessions and also in the programme itself. I couldn't recommend Annika enough, she is very welcoming, friendly and professional, well worth a visit if you need physio "

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