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Physiotherapy aims to restore the movement and function of an individual affected by injury, illness or disability. It also aims to help people to improve their lifestyle, thereby reducing future episodes of illness or injury. 

It takes a holistic approach, taking into account an individuals entire lifestyle and focuses on looking at the body as a whole. 

Who are Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are registered health care professionals. They train within the NHS for 3 years to obtain their BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. To make sure your Physiotherapist is qualified, always make sure they are HCPC registered. This is a legal requirement, as “Physiotherapist” is a protect title. 

Physiotherapists can work within many settings in the NHS or private practice. This can include;
– Outpatients
– Stroke rehabilitation
– Elderly care
– Amputee rehabilitation
– Cardio-respiratory rehabilitation
– A+E
– Pediatric 
– Neurological rehabilitation
– Community
– High level sport

During our training, we rotate through most or all of the above areas. This means when we graduate, we have a great level of understanding of many different conditions and illnesses. Being trained with a medical background ensures we are able to manage and treat a wide variety of issues. 

Most Physiotherapists decide to specialise in an area of interest a few years after graduation. 

At Wimpole Street Physiotherapy Clinic, we specialise in outpatients – or musculoskeletal injuries. 

What does musculoskeletal Physiotherapy mean?

– This area of Physiotherapy focuses on a detailed and unique understanding of the body’s movement and how it relates to injury
– We treat injuries focused around the joints, muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. 

MUSCULO (Muscles) SKELETAL (the joints and bones)

– In order to specialise in this area, we need to have an exceptional knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body. 
– Fun fact: we can name every single one of the muscles, joints and bones in the body. It is burnt into our memory forever following our extensive training!!

– Physiotherapists in this area thrive on understanding how the body works and therefore, what happens when things go wrong. 
– Our aim is to examine you and inform you of your diagnosis in detail. 
– We then focus on a personal rehabilitation program, decided with your goals in mind.
– We can then begin a treatment program. This often includes;
  • Exercise prescription: this is the fundamental principle of Physiotherapy and THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your journey. We believe exercise should be prescribed and adhered to just as much as any form of medication. It is the best medicine we have and best of all – it’s free 🙂
  • Hands-on treatment: mobilisations, movement re-education, massage or acupuncture. Although this may not be necessary for all patients and forms only a small part of our treatment. 
  • Advice and education: we teach you how to manage your injury, explain the pathology and diagnosis to you and advise you on how to prevent it reoccurring in the future. 
How do I know if I need Physiotherapy?

The following would benefit from Physiotherapy:

– Pre or post-surgery
– Injury during sport, gardening, everyday aches and pains
– Rehab following a fracture
– Wanting to improve strength, flexibility, mobility 
– Reducing your risk of falling in the older population
– Training for a sporting event e.g. marathon
– General tension, discomfort or aching anywhere in the body
– Headaches
– Arthritis 
– Inflammatory conditions
…and much more!

Remember we are medically trained!

If you come for an assessment, there are some situations when we believe that Physiotherapy may not be suitable. If this is the case, we will always use our medical knowledge to appropriately refer you. We will explain our reasons why and keep in touch with you to make sure you are well looked after. 
We never treat patients unnecessarily or try to manage something outside our scope of practice. 100% honesty is what you will receive at Wimpole Street Physiotherapy Clinic. 

Any other questions? Feel free to call or book an appointment! We look forward to hearing from you

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